AHS 2016

Hi guys, it’s been a while. A lot of changes in my life have happened since I last posted.
  1. I’m postponing my coach training through Bulletproof.
  2. I’ve started a new job twice. I’m now back at where I used to work a couple years ago.
  3. I’m now co-leader of the Boulder WAPF Chapter. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this.
  4. Finally, AHS 2016 is right around the corner.
In late 2014, I realized that I wanted to do more with nutrition and fitness than just read, eat, and move. That’s best shown in my ‘doubling up‘ article last year. One of the big things on my to-do list was going to conferences. I made a list of all the conferences I knew about and at the top were Ancestral Health Symposium and Wise Traditions (WAPF). Unfortunately, AHS decided to skip their symposium in 2015. But I still got to go to the Bulletproof Conference!
This year I am blessed enough to have AHS 2016 in my own backyard — Boulder, Colorado. I’m super excited since we do not get a lot of nationally renown events in this area. I guess we’re too far from the coasts and other population centers. Chris Masterjohn (one of my favorite researchers) will be there and there are loads of interest talk titles on the schedule.
If you haven’t heard about AHS 2016 yet, I hope it’s not too late for you to join me. It’s going to be great.
AHS 2016

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