ZMKD Playlist Fall 2015

Last year, I burned an mp3 CD of fantastic health podcast episodes for my family to listen to on a road trip. I really like the idea of creating a playlist of really formative and interesting lectures and interviews, so I’ve decided to do another round.

Dr. Cate Shanahan: Deep Nutrition Part 1 Part 2

Dr. Jerry Tenant: pH and Voltage

Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Sulfur

Dr. Remko Kuipers: Paleolithic Nutrition

Matt Stone: The Dangers of Water Overconsumption

Dr. William Shaw: Oxalates and oxalic acid

Dr. Jorge Flechas: Whole Body Iodine Sufficiency

Gray Graham: Pottenger’s Prophecy

T. S. Wiley: Lights Out

Morley Robbins: Copper Dysregulation Part 1 Part 2

Dr. Stasha Gominak: Sleep and Vitamin D

Dr. Chris Shade: Glutathione

Daniel Vitalis: Is Fruit meant for man?

ZMKD Playlist Fall 2015

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