Jack Kruse Study Group

I started a study group for reading Jack Kruse’s blog. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1016826598358250/

When I first got serious about reading JK, I was torn between reading the most recent series or starting from the beginning. The beginning is very far away. Jack is prolific and there are difficult concepts in these topics. It’s easy to get distracted by life and give up on reading something when you have nobody to share a discussion. That’s why I wanted to read the more recent blogs.

I’m in a group, Quantum Health, and it’s fun to all be on the same page. A shared media experience is becoming increasingly rarer in today’s world. (The last great example of such a thing was live TV, but now we have DVR and Netflix.) I’m not going to touch on the aspect of connectedness in this, but I do think it’s helpful to be reading the material and having to ask the same questions as a group. It creates a discussion that deepens your understanding of a subject.

It’s been said that some of Aristotle’s ideas may not have come from Aristotle — they came from people he talked with. This is not to accuse Aristotle of plagiarism, but rather to highlight the importance of having a group of intellectual peers to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the world.

I still need to explore the older blogs to build a broader background of knowledge, so that’s why I created a group. I figured there was enough people who were also interested in reading Jack from the beginning. Indeed, there were 100 people in the group after 3 hours.

Jack Kruse Study Group

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