Ascorbate cleanse

Last week I did an ascorbate cleanse. You can find the protocol here.

I got the idea from watching Dr. Russell Jaffe’s presentation on predictive biomarkers.

I was also inspired by an idea that ascorbate and ascorbic acid (generally referred to as Vitamin C) are best thought of as antibiotics, and not the harmless antioxidant we’ve come to believe it is. This is a subject of debate in the MAG FB group, where Morley Robbins has been kicking up dust about how ferritin, copper dysregulation, and vitamin C are closely related. I won’t go into that today. I find the prospect very interesting, and have modified my diet accordingly, but I’m not 100% convinced. I feel like there are some pieces missing yet. There’s nearly a dozen molecules involved in the whole process (micronutrients and proteins), and frankly I want something more than a list of bullet points in order for me to believe. Not believing makes you a bit of a ruffian in MAG, since it’s an unquestioned article of faith that ascorbate and ascorbic acid are the devil and screw up your ceruloplasmin, and further downstream, your ferritin. Morley is supposed to be working on a definitive article about the matter. According to my digging, he’s been researching this since the first half of 2014.

The nice thing is that there are, as far as I’m aware, less than 20 papers directly relating to the topic. So it’s not beyond a casual researcher to appraise their self of current commonly known data. I have the papers printed out, but right now I’m boring through Jack Kruse’s Ubiquitination series.

Anyway, this is all really off topic. People always say “…but I digress” to sound erudite after a couple of tangential sentences (a memetic phrase that people pick up in whole instead of constructing themselves because the memetic phrase has a very particular effect and meaning understood by all who know it)… but in this case, I really did digress from the topic! Let’s talk about the C-Cleanse.

You should be aware that it’s also called the C-Flush — and for good reason. Part of the protocol is indeed an expulsion of brown liquid from your rear. I think it may be clearing out your gut flora… remember the antibiotic idea?

My experience did not go as planned. First, it’s not mentioned but I think it would be ideal to start this protocol in the morning before you’ve had anything to eat. I was unable to do this, though, and started after having breakfast. First mistake. The second mistake was that my dosages were too spread out (30 minutes instead of 15). My understanding is that the whole process should take under 3 hours to complete. I probably spent 6 hours doing it.

Between my late start and spread out dosages, I took my last swig at 5pm. I was very uncomfortable for the rest of the night. I could constantly feel gas building inside me, and when I was able to relieve that with a trip to the bathroom, the ‘diarrhea’ burned coming out. This persisted into the night, waking me up at 2am.

I plan on trying this again next month, but I’ll be sure to do it early in the morning before breakfast with tighter and/or heavier dosages. This way I’m not wasting a meal (that I’m about to poop out) and it’s less likely to interfere with a restful night.

A couple of links about Vitamin C and its effect on gut bacteria:

Ascorbate cleanse

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