Ten Minute Wellness Course

This is a list of easy and low-entry things you can do. They’re baby steps for Americans. They’re not the most powerful things you can do, but you’ll be healthier than most other Americans. Dropping gluten and pasteurized dairy will pay dividends, but I can’t expect the average Schmoe to do those. And nobody wants to think about eating liver.

So let’s begin.

  1. Magnesium. Trust me, you don’t have enough magnesium. Add some K2. These are the two most harmless supplements, and they do good things for you.
  2. Intermittent fasting with Bulletproof coffee. Good for weight loss, but be wary if you have adrenal dysregulation. You probably have adrenal dysregulation.
  3. Sardines. Find a sauce you like, or eat them with Sriracha like I do.
  4. Salt. Put a quarter teaspoon in water and drink that in the morning. Don’t be afraid of putting salt on food.
  5. Seaweed, like dulse flakes. You can sprinkle them on salads, soups, casseroles, etc. Largely tasteless.
  6. Track your sleep: Sleep Cycle, or Sleep as Android. Figure out what things change your sleep quality.
  7. Collagen. Make it part of your routine. Good for joints, hydrated skin, and hair.
  8. Cut out the sugar. It gloms up hormone receptors and makes your proteins sticky. Gross, wrinkle-face.
  9. No carbs in the morning, only fats and protein.
  10. Sulfate. San Pellegrino, eggs, onions, garlic.
  11. Wifi timer. Use an outlet timer to turn off your Wifi at 9pm. You’ll stop looking at your device screens at a decent time and cut out EMFs that will affect your sleep.
  12. Squatting. Settle into a deep flat-footed squat. You’ve probably already lost the ability to be in this position comfortably. Use it or lose it. Stay limber.
  13. Eggs. Sulfur, cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins, B vitamins. Everything you need to build an animal from scratch.
  14. AM sun. Get out in the sun from 7-10 in the morning. It sets your circadian clock and will get you a nice tan without burning.
  15. Water. Have a glass of lemon water and drink spring water as often as you can.
  16. Only water. Why would you drink anything but water? Your cells don’t run on apple juice, silly.
  17. The Butter Protocol. If it’s hot enough to melt butter, put grass-fed butter on it. Bonus tip: heat up frozen veggies, or steam broccoli.
  18. Grass fed > organic. Your money is better spent on quality meat than organic produce.
  19. Incorporate movement into your lifestyle. Why do you think old people are so stiff? Because all civilized people do is sit, stand, and lie on a bed. Frequent movement is more effective than spending an hour at the gym.
  20. Don’t be a picky eater. Add some variety to what you eat. You’ll get a broader range of minerals, vitamins, and other molecules — some of which we don’t even know about yet.
  21. Keep it seasonal. When you eat pineapple in the winter, your body thinks its summer. Don’t confuse your body.
  22. Intensity over steady-state cardio. Run intervals, not marathons. Lift weights, build muscle. Run miles, lose muscle.
  23. Cut out seed and vegetable oils. That means you, peanut butter and mayo. They’re fragile oils that oxidize easily (polyunsaturated fats). Some sources never existed before the industrial age. Think about that.
  24. Use resilient oils for cooking like butter, tallow, and coconut oil (saturated oils). Olive oil is cool for low-temp cooking (mono-unsaturated).
  25. Implement some form of meditation (transcendental, flotation tanks, heart rate variability, etc) and minimize chronic stress. Acute stress we were built to handle and even adapt to; chronic stress is what weakens us.

There. In ten minutes, you just learned how to be healthier than people who spend four years getting their dietary education from agribusiness and pharmaco supported organizations.

Is there a lot more to health? Yes. How much more free time do you have? This is three years of my knowledge compressed into 600 words. You’re welcome.

Ten Minute Wellness Course

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