Tech news for non-chumps

Pareto Principle, 80/20. Read the 20% of the material that gives you knowledge about 80% of the industry. This isn’t 20%, more like 5%… but let’s be honest, the less brain points you spend on technology the better. Most news is inconsequential. You can duck out of the tech industry for 6 months and not miss much of anything substantial. If there’s a new iPhone, a huge security hack, a new OS upgrade, anything interesting — it’ll trickle down through the channels listed below. Screw Tech Crunch and The Verge, you don’t need them. This is about quality commentary that keeps you sharper than 80% of the chumps out there while spending 95% less time on the matter than the 20% that is non-chumps. That’s leverage, bro. Science. Statistics. Cha-cha-cha.

  1. Security Now. Thoughtful, thorough and measured appraisals of the big things happening, with an obvious focus on security. Spinrite is dynamite.
  2. Gamers Nexus. Mostly hardware review. I value the original methods for HW evaluation (like the .1% FPS measurements) as well as the coverage of rare topics like PSU voltage ripple.
  3. John C. Dvorak PC Mag Column. I value a quirky contrarian perspective, and JCD usually delivers that.
  4. Essays by Paul Graham. Philosophical discourse on technology-related subjects. Mostly dead now, but reading the archives here, you’ll pick up several tools for your mental toolkit.

Honorable mentions: Bruce Schneier, Tom’s Hardware, Kevin Kelly, Jaron Lanier, Daniel Suarez, Triangulation, John Carmack

Tech news for non-chumps

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