The promise of HTMA

I sent in my “hair tissue” for “mineral analysis” today. I’m excited to see the results.

Of course, I’m excited to see the results from any test, but HTMA holds special promise. Ever since I first decided to put some money into quantifying biological trends I’ve been wanting something that provides a breadth of insight with a cost that I can accommodate on a quarterly basis.

If you’re trying to get a broad perspective, blood testing quickly gets expensive. It ultimately is a lot more targeted than hair testing, but if you only rely on blood markers for feedback on your health you will have a lot of blindspots unless you order dozens of panels. To get an idea of how you’re doing in all the areas that a hair analysis covers, you’d have to order a smorgasboard of mineral, heavy metal, and hormone tests that would end up costing well over half a grand all together. By comparison, a hair analysis can be had for under $100 (mine was $70).

The affordability of HTMA is something I plan to exploit. With blood tests, I’ve been erratic in the choice of measured markers and inconsistent in the timing. I can do HTMA quarterly, even monthly. Since I change things in my routine and diet frequently, having a regular measurement interval will provide more responsive feedback that I can hopefully trace to specific changes. Doing blood tests twice a year is only useful for plotting long-term trends or highlighting problem areas to act on. At the rate of twice a year, it’s not a feedback mechanism one can experiment with.

HTMA also represents a change in my focus. The first two years that I’ve been digging into this health stuff, I was largely preoccupied with macronutrients, inflammation markers, insulin, cholesterol, and cutting out kyptonite foods. Now I’m gaining a lot of knowledge about micronutrients and I’ve uncovered that I have some hormone issues. As it happens, minerals have a strong interaction with the body’s hormone system. Finally, thanks to this article, my eyes have been opened to the impact of heavy metals and other toxins. So it’s the perfect time for me to start looking at HTMA.

The promise of HTMA

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